2017 was a pretty great year, golf-wise.  Also life-wise! 

A year ago, I was a very frustrated golfer, so much so that I thought about giving it up! I had just started with a new women's club, but I didn't fit in and I missed my friends. I couldn't even make decent contact with the effing golf ball, let alone know where it was going to go! My wonky strong grip messed with my mind, and I remember I'd look at my hands at set-up and it was like I was looking at some strange thing from the Twilight Zone; I had absolutely NO idea what to do. 

ANYhow, I read a pretty cool book called Dream On, written by a guy maybe named Jon Richardson, and it motivated me to improve my game. So I did.

I had four golf goals in 2017, and I fully accomplished two of them.  Here's the run-down:

1. break 90, then do it again and again and again.  YES. The breaking 90 part of this didn't happen until August, but the main idea of this goal, to improve my game drastically, happened throughout the spring and summer.  First I fixed some fatal flaws and learned some basic skills, then I put in the time and the effort, and better golf was the result.  I focused on process rather than results, but the results were good because the process was the focus.

2. 150 rounds of golf, including 12 new courses.  YES.  It was a slow start last January, because of the weather and because my poor golf made me not that interested in playing, but it ended up a grand golf adventure! At least 16 new courses, from Borrego Springs stay and play, to Sidewinder and Papago in Arizona, to The Golf Club at Fallbrook where I had my hole in one, to Mile Square close to home, to Sunnyvale Muni last month! I love that my husband (and best friend) is a golfer and likes to try new courses, too!

3.  sand shots. SO-SO.  100% better than a year ago, but last week I was stuck in a bunker and it took me five shots to get out.  Yep, a work in progress.

4.  backyard practice area.  NOT REALLY.  The bunker got finished... I dug it out and my honey filled it with sand, but we never really settled on the right kind of sand.  The practice green was nice for awhile, but now we are building a guest cottage, so the entire footprint needs to be adjusted.  My son got us a very cool ball washer for Christmas, so that will go on the tee box once we get going again.

next up... 2018 goals!!

PROGRESS REPORT - February 28, 2017

Making progress. At its deepest, the bunker will be about 4-5 feet to the green. It isn't very big, only about 12 X 15 feet, but I think it will play and look great!

 4. Practice Area - Most of the digging is done, to about three feet deep. I'll go a bit more on the green side, then shape it, smooth it, pack it. Still some research to be done as far as if I need a drain or weed barrier, what kind of sand, etc., and deciding how to proceed with the rough and the green itself. K. is thinking artificial turf for the green, although if he invests in an "It's not how fast you mow" machine, he may want to go for the true Bermuda(?) green.

3. Bunker-bility - Since putting in lots of practice time, I've improved a bit, so that I don't freak out if I go in the sand. However, a shot to the bunker is still a wasted stroke, so I need to get better at staying OUT, and/or be able to get up & down from the sand more often... stick it close.

2. Rounds of golf played - Because of the weather, is has been a slow start. I have played two new courses, but only 14 rounds total so far this year. Spring Training trip is in a couple weeks, so that will be a bunch, and it finally is supposed to stop raining! I'm a little concerned about J. and my Monday golf buddies... that used to be a round I could count on almost every week. Maybe I should just go out by myself, and play with whoever? It's only $25 after 12 pm in Long Beach. No reason not to do that today, in fact!

1. Golf Improvement - This is a mixed bag... I haven't brought my scores down; last weekend doesn't really count, because it was a fairly easy course. On the other hand, I DID string together a bunch of good holes, overcame my husband's critical attitude, and focused on that turn! Also on the positive side, I've had good practice sessions, a very helpful short-game lesson (she believes I can be single digit by end of 2018!), and I'm developing a plan for this long-term goal that I think will absolutely work if I stick to it. And I will!




February 17, 2017

I'm starting an ambitious 22-month challenge to get my handicap index under 10! I know, I know, it seems far-fetched considering my current index is 24.6, but I'm going for it. In the past, I've had some awesome accomplishments:  maintaining 4.0 GPA through BA and MA while raising four kids on my own, my pilots license and ratings (nailed that soft-field landing!), that whole misguided law school and Bar Exam adventure... Frankly, whenever I've set my mind to something and worked at it, I've succeeded.

SO! Here's part of the motivation, and some parameters for this huge project. I read a book by John Richardson called Dream On, in which he set a challenge for himself to break par, just for one round, within a year. Super inspirational read, and hopefully I'll write up a more thorough book review at some point. Anyhow, he kind of brought back my "sure, why not?" attitude, which I feel has been squashed in the last year or so.  Throughout the rest of 2017 and 2018, while I'm hard at work on my golf game, I want to keep in mind a few crucial points:  I love golf, and I want to continue to love golf and enjoy the process of getting better at it; I need to keep sight of the rest of life (yes, there IS more than golf!), and not get warped or out-of -balance or ignore my husband, kids, grandies, parents, home, students, etc.

Golf goals for 2017

starting from scratch

1.  Break 90 - then do it again, and again, and again...

2.  150 rounds of golf, including 12 new courses - I'm off to a slow start on this, having only played once, but when J. gets back from her trip and it stops raining, I should be able to play usually three times each week.

3.  Get confident in the bunker - or OUT of the bunker, I should say. My new home course has plenty of challenging ones, so I'll get lots of practice, but I'd rather get proficient in the practice bunker than when it counts for my score.

4.  Build the practice area in our back yard!